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We offer you the possibility of enhance your hair with our Anti-Aging formula and technique

Take a look into our online courses on demand 

Do you want to improve and learn new techniques in the beauty and hair industry but have not enough time to attend classes?


We offer you a complete course platform where you can learn and progress at your own pace.

Upcoming Beauty School Guest Artist Events 

March - April 2025

Miami Fl

Join us for a fun and insightful masterclass with our skilled Guest Artist at Cliove Organics! This class is all about learning practical skills in anti-aging organic hair care, getting creative with advanced styling tools, and picking up handy tips on growing your business and shining on social media.

Events Agenda

Our Commitment is with your school

At Cliove Organics, we're all about boosting beauty education. From motivating seminars to free resources, we're here to help students thrive. Plus, our Platinum Membership offers exclusive benefits.


Lisa Hargrove

I really enjoyed the class. I'm exited to use my new tools and products. I definitely would like to reach out with you guys after holihays and see how we can possibly partnerchip for me to retail the products. I am an educator and I would like to do some education using the products and tools here in my local area.

Alison F.

The class was amazing! He was super nice and upbeat.

It was a very interactive class which was nice!

Juliana G.

Las conferencias que hemos tenido son como un motor importante para el crecimiento de nuestra escuela de belleza. Han enriquecido nuestro plan de estudios y nos han ayudado a aprender las últimas tendencias de la industria, lo cual ha tenido un impacto muy positivo en nuestro éxito.

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